Regular rate is $65.00 (seniors are offered a reduced rate to $55.00 hour)

We are open seven days – till nine on weekdays and six on weekends.

In Today’s Hectic Society, A Massage is NOT a Luxury…

It’s a Necessity!


Hazel J. Horsnell & Associates is a team of therapists, working together, to give you the greatest massage experience! We want you to make our massages part of your fitness program, to help you maintain, and sometimes even regain, optimum health and well-being and to help you have balance and harmony in your lives.

Our pledges to you are:

  • to be effective and efficient with our work
  • to relax you
  • to ease aches and pains
  • to offer varied types of massages
  • to offer a selection of therapists
  • to be the best we can possibly be for you.

We cannot diagnose, prescribe or specifically treat you. Massage helps your body in the healing process. It promotes efficient circulation of blood and lymph to help in nourishing and cleansing the body systems. The nervous system is relaxed and digestive procedures stimulated.

All of our massage therapists are certified and licensed.

Let us be part of your health and well-being program.

Message from Hazel

With two offices in the area available from nine to nine seven days a week (by appointment) we can continue to offer our clients a fantastic selection of skills and bodywork as we have, over the last thirty five years. Our main focus is to help you, our valued client, maintain  a healthy and active life. Our hands are here to help heal and ease your discomfort. Please call for special offers.

Thank you for all your referrals.

We really appreciate them.

We give you a $10.00 discount for each referral.

We have renovated the windows in the San Mateo Drive office to cut down outside noise and make your massage even more relaxing!!!!! 

We welcome  Diane Au, Acupuncturist, to this office. See her information on page seven

Four years ago, we relocated our Redwood City office from Birch Street to join The Wellness Center in Redwood City, with Dr. Paul Piccione and Emonne Abedini M.Sc. (hypnotherapist)

Come and see us soon.